making shopping with kids fun

making shopping with kids fun

How Men Can Use Glasses To Affect Their Image

by Grace Wallace

If you are a man and need to purchase a pair of glasses, you might be seized with mild anxiety. The glasses that you purchase will define how you look and can seriously affect your image. In order to make sure that you maintain the image that you want and are able to feel comfortable wearing your glasses, you're going to need to make sure that you choose the best ones for your facial shape. Consider the tips in this guide to make sure that your glasses send the right message about your image.

1. Consider Contrast to Neutralize Your Impression

One way to make your glasses look good is to consider having their shape contrast with that of your face. For example, if you have an angular jaw and very strong features, then you might want to consider choosing glasses that have rounded edges or that are circles. This is helpful if you feel that your profile is too imposing and is causing you problems because it makes you seem less approachable. If you want to neutralize this strong profile, then you can get glasses that contrast.

If you are more concerned that your profile is not strong enough, then consider slightly thicker glasses with sharp angles in order to make it more imposing.

2. Consider Thin-Rimmed Glasses to Let Your Face Stand On Its Own

If you are satisfied with the way that your face looks, then you might want to consider thin-rimmed glasses in order to make sure that you do not detract from your face. Any thick lenses will take the focal point away from your face and make it more difficult for your natural features to shine through. 

When choosing a shape for these thin-rimmed glasses, try to choose a shape that will play up the features that you already have. This means that you choose rectangles for strong profiles and curved glasses for rounder faces. 

3. Reduce the Attention on Your Pointed Chin

Finally, if you have an aggressively heart-shaped face that causes you to have an almost pointed chin, you might want to consider purchasing glasses that are slightly wider on the bottom than they are on the top. This will allow you to de-emphasize how pointed your chin looks and bring more clarity to your features.

For more information, talk to the person who is fitting you for your prescription glasses. It's their job to make sure that you look fantastic and, as a result, you will likely get an honest opinion while you are trying different pairs of glasses on. Contact a company like Sol Optix to learn more.


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making shopping with kids fun

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