making shopping with kids fun

making shopping with kids fun

Buying Your Wife Luxuries On A Budget

by Grace Wallace

Spoiling your wife doesn't have to mean spending a lot of money. If your wife loves luxury clothing and handbags, but your budget cannot yet sustain these types of purchases, you may be looking for a way to make her happy. Luckily, finding and gifting your wife luxury items that you prefer doesn't have to mean breaking your budget nor does it mean her going without. Here are some methods for finding and gifting your wife luxury clothing that she will enjoy.

Send her friends to consignment shops

If you know that your wife loves luxury items, but you are not sure just what she likes, take one of your wife's sisters or friends with you to a consignment shop. Chances are that her family and friends know some of her desires. By taking a friend with you, you both can determine whether the item is quality and is something your wife will love. If no one can go with you in person, use your smart phone to send photographs or to video conference so that the friend can give you their take on the item. Choosing well means that your low budget all goes towards something that will make your wife happy.

Invest in fine dry cleaning

The next step after buying your wife luxury clothing, especially from a thrift or consignment shop, is to get it dry cleaned. Go to a fine dry clean company in Calgary, rather than a regular dry cleaner for any luxury clothing, furs, or expensive item. You want to take excellent care of a clothing investment and the best way to do this is to go to a shop that has experience with higher quality items and will know how to treat fur and materials of luxury caliber.  Take the item to a fine dry cleaner and ask for the turnaround time for receiving the item cleaned and in great condition.

Find the original boxing

The best part about a luxury item is the item itself. The second best part is the packaging. While second-hand luxury items are likely to come without the original packaging, you may be able to purchase these second hand as well. You can usually find boxes, wrapping, and packaging from luxury brands available on their own from collectors, or those cleaning out their closet. Finding the original box and having it wrapped up will add just the extra special gesture that you need when presenting your wife with a new item to add to her luxury closet section.


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making shopping with kids fun

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