making shopping with kids fun

making shopping with kids fun

Where To Wear Your Funny Accessories

by Grace Wallace

If you're like most people, then you probably don't wear novelty items, such as beer t-shirts or hats, to work every day. In fact, if you're like most people, doing so could get you in big trouble with your job. The average person buys these kinds of items for special events and then tosses them out or forgets about them. There's really no sense in wasting a funny drinking shirt or hat or other wearable accessory though. Keep your drinking novelty items where you can access them easily because you'll actually be surprised at just how many appropriate places there are to wear these fun things!

Any Bar, Any Time!

To start off with, there is perhaps nowhere more appropriate to wear a drinking-themed accessory than to a bar. So, anytime that you are going out drinking with your buddies, be sure to grab your favorite drinking t-shirt or hat or other item.

Not only are these types of items a great way to get a few laughs at the bar, but they're also a great way to meet new people, including people of the opposite sex! The key is to find something that makes a fun and funny statement and then to be open to questions or conversations started about it!


Not only is it appropriate (and fun!) to wear your drinking gear to bars, but you'll also find that they really come in handy at parties. They make it easy to strike up a conversation and instantly show people that you like having a good time!

You can wear them to any kind of party, but these items typically go over best at bachelor/bachelorette parties, graduation parties, and other events where the focus is on celebration, fun, and getting just a little on the wild side.

Parades, Concerts, and Festivals

Finally, remember that your drinking items can come in handy at all kinds of fun special events. Wear them to that rowdy St. Patrick's day parade, to your favorite concert, or to an outdoor festival. You're sure to attract plenty of attention and give off a fun, relaxed vibe...exactly what most people are looking for and will gravitate to at these kinds of events.

As you can see, your drinking items don't have to be a "one and done" purchase! You can easily find lots of great times to wear such fun items, and you might just find that they benefit you in multiple ways!


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making shopping with kids fun

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