making shopping with kids fun

making shopping with kids fun

Bring A Western Flair To Your Everyday Wardrobe

by Grace Wallace

Show your western flavor when you hit the town for a night out. Quality western apparel doesn't need to stay on the farm or ranch; try incorporating your pieces into your daily wardrobe. 

Some tips to show off your western style include:

Love some leather. Leather merchandise is an excellent way to show off your western-side. Try pairing your outfits with a great leather bag or backpack, or invest in a couple of leather wardrobe staples- like a vest or jacket- to accentuate whatever you wear. 

Dare to wear denim. Sprinkle some denim in with any and all attire. For instance, top your cocktail dress with a denim jacket or wear a great denim vest with your favorite pair of leggings. A little bit of denim can say a lot about you!

Don't forget your hat. Top any outfit or ensemble with your cowboy hat- just make sure that it is clean and looking its best. Some ways to clean and spiff-up your favorite felt or wool hat include these tips:

  • Remove the link using sticky tape that you can wrap around your hand to gently remove lint, dust, and hairs.
  • Sprinkle a soiled hat with something absorbent, like baking soda or wheat germ, and allow it to soak up the dirt and moisture overnight. Shake the excess powder off and vacuum the hat with a low-suction vacuum.
  • Turn-out the sweatband to allow the oils and moisture to evaporate. If the band is quite dirty, use a mild detergent and warm water with an old toothbrush to gently brush it clean. Make sure you don't get water on your hat, and allow the band to air-dry before folding it back in to the hat.

Go western from head to toe. Anytime is the right time for your favorite cowboy or cowgirl boots. Whether you are wearing a tuxedo or a pair of jeans, finish the look with your favorite pair of boots. Have your boots cleaned regularly to help them look their best. 

Wrap things up with western flavor. Navajo wraps make gorgeous accents for a sundress or to wrap as a scarf. These also can help ward-off the chills on a cool night out. Look for soft, natural fabrics, like organic bamboo or cashmere.

Pull-out your turquoise. Your turquoise jewelry is the ideal accent for a simple black dress or even a men's suit for a special occasion. From cufflinks to chokers, earrings to men's rings, turquoise is a versatile and relatively inexpensive stone that never goes out of style. Wear a little or deck-out in all your turquoise jewelry for an alluring look with western flair.

Finish with your favorite bolo-tie. Finish any ensemble right with the perfect accent- your favorite bolo-tie! These are stunning pieces for both men and women, and they make a stylish choker with a cocktail dress or an alternative to a tie with a suit. Check out some of the sterling silver and turquoise bolo's available to add to your collection.

Wear your western roots proudly- including in the clothes that you wear. Try these tips to bring a western flair to your everyday wardrobe and to let your inner-cowboy or cowgirl shine through!  


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making shopping with kids fun

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