making shopping with kids fun

making shopping with kids fun

Tips For Choosing Adult Dance Leotards

by Grace Wallace

If you are an adult who has always wanted to take dance lessons, then you will need to purchase some leotards for your classes and recitals. Since buying leotards is very different than purchasing other types of clothing, it is important you know what to look for. To this end, here are some tips for choosing adult professional ballet leotards:

Tip: Understand that Your Dancewear Allows Your Instructor to Clearly See Your Body's Positions

While you may view a leotard as simply a comfortable clothing item to wear to dance class, in reality, the tight-fitting leotard is what allows your dance instructor to clearly see your body positions. This is not possible if you wear a t-shirt and shorts to class. Your dance teacher must be able to see the positions of your shoulders, back, and hips that would otherwise be hidden under your clothing in order to properly instruct you. By wearing a properly-fitting leotard, you will get the most out of your dance instruction.

Tip: If You Have a Larger Chest, Then Select a Camisole-Style Top Leotard

If you have a larger chest, then it is important for you to choose a camisole-style top leotard. The camisole top allows you to keep your chest in the leotard without the need to continually tug and pull at the garment while dancing. 

Tip: Choose a Leotard that Shows Your Upper Chest and Collarbones

Your dance class leotards should show your upper chest and collarbone region. Having this area of your body bare gives your dance teacher the ability to view how you are holding your chest and shoulders during practice. Since learning to dance often involves making small adjustments to how you move and hold your body, this will help you quickly improve your skills.

Additionally, if you are taking ballet classes, then you should choose a leotard that has ballet-cut legs. This type of leotard gives you the largest range of motion and affords your instructor the ability to see the positions you are hitting with your upper legs. 

Tip: Only Wear a Dance Leotard that is Comfortable

Finally, it is vitally important for you to only wear leotards to your dance classes that are comfortable. If you do not feel comfortable in your leotard, then you will not perform to your best ability in class. You will be distracted by the leotard riding up or pulling in areas that aren't supposed to do so.


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making shopping with kids fun

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