making shopping with kids fun

making shopping with kids fun

5 Tips For Choosing Shapewear For Your Figure

by Grace Wallace

If you are shopping for shapewear, it is totally normal to be confused. Choosing garments that flatter your figure can be confusing, especially if you don't know exactly what you are looking for. This guide will help you determine which shapewear is going to suit your desired figure best:

1. Don't try to size down.

You might be tempted to size down the shapewear you buy in the hopes of getting some extra results, but this is not a good idea. Ill-fitting shapewear can actually create bulges that become more apparent when you put on clothing. Plus, you will feel utterly uncomfortable wearing it. Shapewear in your normal size should do the job.

2. Understand the garment tag.

Not sure what a piece of shapewear is designed to do? Take a look at the garment tag to see how much nylon is in the piece. More nylon means more altering of your figure. You can also feel how heavy the fabric is to see which areas it is going to target.

Look for cotton on the tag if you want to find shapewear that makes you feel cooler. Cotton breathes much easier than spandex or nylon, for instance.

3. Bodysuits are great multi-purpose solutions.

If you want to shape everything, a bodysuit is a terrific option. This type of suit provides you with a flattering figure from the bottom up, offering full coverage. A full bodysuit is also a good option for women who want to create the appearance of smaller chest size. They also look well for the bottom, providing a slight lift.

4. Know your target areas before you shop.

Do you have a "problem" area that you want to target? Shapewear offers different designs for different parts of the body. Certain pieces accentuate the thighs, while others cinch the waist. Are you looking for the hourglass physique? Just want to lift the buttocks? Know what you need before you go in.

5. Know your measurements when you shop.

When you shop for certain pieces of shapewear, you may be shopping based on bra size. Because so many of these products involve built-in bras, you want to make sure that you have an accurate fit in the arena. You also want to know your measurements for your hip and waist, as these garments may be intended to cinch the waist.

Shopping for shapewear does not have to be a hassle. With the right brand, you can create a look that makes you look and feel fantastic. Contact a company that can help you find the right body shaper for women for more information and assistance. 


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making shopping with kids fun

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