making shopping with kids fun

making shopping with kids fun

What Clothing To Wear To Get The Most From Your Workout In Cold Weather?

by Grace Wallace

It is hard to find the motivation to exercise outdoors during the winter season. The cold air can be vicious and it seems like you have to work harder. Your body continues to sweat, but sweat evaporates quicker in chilly air. For this reason, it seems that your body is losing less water.

Clothing is an important part of getting your body at the right temperature. This means wearing layers and lightweight, breathable clothing. You want your body to function at the same level regardless of the environment. Read on to find out what clothing to wear to get the most out of your workout in cold weather.

Why Clothing Is Important?

Light layers are the proper way to dress for cold weather workouts. You need to dress in three or more layers. It is important to not overdress or to wear heavy outerwear. This results in excessive sweating, which lead to muscles tightness, chills, dampness and discomfort. You do not want to get hypothermia from wearing the wrong clothing.

Add Performance Shirts To Your Workout Wardrobe

Performance long sleeve shirts are a good first layer and protects you during cold weather. You need a lightweight material that draws moisture away from your skin. A long sleeve performance tee keeps you dry and cool while allowing your body to work at a high level.

Choose Fabrics That Allow You To Stay Dry

If you want to be comfortable during winter workouts, then you must stay dry. When you buy exercise clothing, you need to check the labels. You want to buy clothing made from silk, wool blends and polypropylene. Cotton is not a good choice. It holds and absorbs sweat while laying against your skin, which makes you colder. Workout pants and polyester-blend tights are a good choice for keeping the bottom part of your body warm. They also allow you to move freely.

You can add a variety of items to your winter workout wardrobe. For example, a fleece is a good addition for insulation. It is an outer layer that keeps warmth in and cold out.

The key is to find clothing that allows your body to perform at a high level.  You do not want any restriction, which can hinder your performance level. One benefit of winter workouts is that you burn more calories than an indoor workout. If you are ready to get in shape, then the right clothing is a step in that direction.


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making shopping with kids fun

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