making shopping with kids fun

making shopping with kids fun

How To Make Your Senior Field Trip A Success

by Grace Wallace

If you are a class leader and your high school senior class are planning a field trip as a way to mark the end of your high school days, it's important that you do all you can to make this experience an enjoyable one. After all, it may be one of the last times you see some of your friends before graduation and the many life changes ahead. Here are some ways to make your senior field trip a huge success:

Design Senior Class Shirts

There are so many companies online that will help you design and order custom t-shirts. Order a shirt that says your school's name and the year, and decorate it with some other things like favorite sayings, photos of the school mascot, and so forth. Bonus points if you order the shirt in your school colors! Have students place their orders for shirts a few weeks before the trip so you can make sure everyone gets the right size. Then, hand them out the morning of the trip. You can proceed through the day feeling like more of a unified group since all of your shirts will match.

Incorporate Several Activities

Instead of just going to an amusement park, or a ball game, or some other activity, try to incorporate several different activities into the day. For instance, you could all start by getting breakfast and eating it in a beautiful park, and then proceed to a ball game before finishing the day with a movie. Including several activities in your field trip day ensures there's something for everyone to enjoy. If someone does not enjoy sports, at least they got to have a good time at the movies -- and vice versa.

Make Sure Everyone Knows the Rules

This tip may seem a little boring at first, but if someone does not follow the rules, they can easily ruin the trip for the whole class if you are kicked out of the venue or the chaperones are forced to take disciplinary action. So, as one of the class leaders, make sure the rules for the trip are clearly printed out and given to students before the trip. Encourage your friends to follow the rules, and have them encourage everyone they know to do the same. Students are often more likely to listen when their peers advise them as to how to behave than when this directive comes from adults.

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making shopping with kids fun

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