making shopping with kids fun

making shopping with kids fun

Organize And Care For Your Tie Collection

by Grace Wallace

If you attend business meetings on a routine basis and are required to wear formal clothing, but often encounter situations in which you are fumbling around looking for the perfect tie to wear, you may have come to the realization that you are not taking good care of your ties. The following tips will help you keep track of your custom length ties and launder them in a manner that will prevent them from becoming damaged.

Purchase A Tie Rack

Purchase a tie rack and secure it to the inside of your closet door or next to a standard rack that you use to store coats, hats, and other types of outerwear. Before hanging ties, unfold and refold each one to make sure that fabric is lined up evenly. The last thing that you will want to encounter is that a tie is wrinkled on a day that you are scheduled to attend a meeting.

If you take the extra time to make sure that ties are hung properly, they will be ready for use whenever you need them. If you only own one tie that is a color that matches most of your formal wear, invest in a couple extra ties to ensure that you will always have a tie to wear that will complement other garments. 

Hand Wash Or Launder Ties In A Garment Bag

Are you the type of person who tosses all of their laundry into a hamper and then hurriedly dumps the hamper's contents into a washing machine? If so, this is a habit that you will need to break if you want to prevent your ties from becoming damaged. Not only could you lose a tie if you mix it with other clothing, it can also become stained, torn, or misshapen if it is mixed with heavier garments that are constructed of a diferent type of fabric.

Read the care instructions that came with each tie and either hand wash the neckwear or place the ties in a mesh garment bag before laundering the ties in a washing machine that is adjusted to a setting for delicate items.

Color Coordinate Ties And Use Dividers

If you have chosen not to purchase a tie rack, but would still like to organize your ties, lay the ties across your bed and color coordinate them by placing them in piles. Purchase a divider for one of the drawers in your dresser. A metal or plastic divider that contains inserts will provide a drawer with separate sections. After folding the ties, place them in the sections so that similarly-colored ties are grouped together. 


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making shopping with kids fun

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