making shopping with kids fun

making shopping with kids fun

Are You A Bit Clumsy But In Love With Long Wedding Dresses? 3 Tips For A Graceful Walk Down The Aisle

by Grace Wallace

Long wedding dresses provide a sense of elegance that is perfect for formal ceremonies. Yet, many brides hesitate to choose a long gown out of fears that they may trip over the hem as they walk down the aisle. While you may be known for being a bit clumsy, you don't have to let the fear of falling hold you back from wearing that perfect dress. Instead, you can use these tips to prepare yourself for a graceful walk toward your future spouse.

Match Your Shoes to the Walking Surface

Brides often opt for heels for the extra height. Although heels help elongate your legs, they may not be the best choice if you plan to have your ceremony outdoors. Pointed heels tend to sink into soft surfaces, such as grass, which increases your risk for falling. If you prefer height, then choose a flat heel or platform shoes that give you a little more stability. Once you choose your shoes, make sure to wear them to your wedding dress alterations so that the dress is perfectly altered to fit the height of the heels.

Have Your Dress Hemmed for Walking

While you may prefer a dress that has a hem that reaches to the ground, the truth is that this is not practical for every bride. Not only does a trailing hem increase the risk of damage to your gown, but it also makes it more likely that you will trip. Generally, brides who fear falling should arrange for wedding dress alteration services that shorten the dress to about one inch off of the ground. However, you may need to experiment with your shoes and style of walking to determine the ideal length for your gown.

Learn How Your Dress Moves

Ideally, your last dress alteration should occur about one to two weeks before the wedding. When you get it home, take the time to practice walking in your dress. With long dresses, you should notice that the hem hits your ankle as you move your foot forward. Once the hem hits this part of your leg, then it's safe to put it down without stepping on the dress. Although it may feel awkward at first, practice will help you maintain this gait naturally.

Falling as you walk down the aisle is not how you want to make your entrance. By knowing how to walk in your shoes and perfectly hemmed dress, you can ensure that you will glide down the aisle with all of the grace and beauty that your future spouse has come to love.

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