making shopping with kids fun

making shopping with kids fun

Are You Updating Your Wardrobe?

by Grace Wallace

As you have considered what you want to wear to holiday events, have you come to the conclusion that you seriously need to update your wardrobe? If so, from taking the time to go through every article of clothing in your closet to making arrangements for leather repair services, here are some ideas that might help you.

Clothing Items - Do you already own a full length mirror? If so, you've taken the first step. If you don't own a full length mirror, consider buying one, even an inexpensive one. You'll need that in order to get a full picture of the clothes you try on. First go through your clothing items to see which ones are truly outdated or just plain tired looking. You won't even need to try those on, right? Just put those clothes aside for a charity donation. 

The nest step is to see which articles of clothing you want to keep and to make a list of items to buy that will make them wearable again. For example, let's say you bought a strapless dress with an elasticized top. After buying it, you just never wore it, even though it's super cute. Now try that strapless dress on again, but this time pull it down so that the elastic part sits at your waist. Now you have a darling skirt! If you don't already have a blouse to wear with it, write that on your list. 

Leather Items - Are you lucky enough to have leather items that you have bought as accessories? For instance, did you buy a leather vest many years ago to wear with a great broomstick skirt or with jeans? Perhaps you wore that leather vest so much that it has lost its appeal. The same goes for a leather handbag. Did you wear your favorite one out? No problem. Take the vest, the purse, leather boots, leather belts and anything else made of leather that needs to be spruced up to a facility that does leather repair services.

The workers at the leather repair facility will have the experience to make your items look like new. Besides having the right tools and the cleaning products to give your leather items a beautiful look, the repair workers can make adjustments. For example, if your favorite leather belt needs new holes, don't try to do that yourself with something like an ice pick. Instead, the leather repair service will make the new holes in a professional manner. 


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making shopping with kids fun

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