making shopping with kids fun

making shopping with kids fun

Are You Sewing Christmas Gifts This Year?

by Grace Wallace

Are you known to your friends and family members as a terrific seamstress or tailor? Perhaps you wear your own handmade creations with pride, knowing that what was an affordable outfit to create would cost a lot of money if you bought it in a store. 

Because of your great skill in sewing, maybe you have decided to make your own Christmas gifts this year. From making a list and selecting the patterns you'll use to buying cotton spandex fabrics, here are some ideas that might help you to give unique and attractive items that will be well received by the gift recipients.

Think Of Starting With A List To Match Your Christmas List

Wouldn't it be helpful for you to make a list of everybody who will be receiving your gifts this Christmas? For example, you'll obviously be giving family members presents. But, it might be easy to forget somebody like the receptionist at your place of business or your spouse's secretary. And what about people at your children's school? Besides the homeroom teacher, maybe you also want to give small "thinking-of-you" gifts to people in the front office of your children's school.

Once you have made the list, match it to the pattern you will use to make the list. For example, perhaps you know that your daughter will be needing a special New Year's Eve party dress. Select the pattern that will be perfect for that item. You're probably so good at sewing that you don't even need a pattern for things like aprons, but there might be an apron pattern for a very unique style that you've never made before.

Select Cotton Spandex Fabric For Each Item You'll Create

Isn't it amazing how the combination of cotton and spandex can result in fabric that is beautiful and easy to sew with? The frosting on the cake is that cotton spandex fabric is a dream to work on. It comes in so many colors and patterns that you might have trouble selecting the ones you want to use. Take your patterns with you so that you'll know exactly how many yards you'll need to buy.

Cotton spandex fabric drapes very well. This fabric will likely be perfect for any dresses you want to make. Since this type of fabric has a bit of stretch to it, it will be totally great for the T-shirts you want to make as well, either for guys or girls. Cotton and spandex used together will even be soft enough to make items for babies on your Christmas list.


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making shopping with kids fun

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