making shopping with kids fun

making shopping with kids fun

Tips For Shopping At A Vintage Clothing Store

by Grace Wallace

The clothes that you wear show your personal style, and many people want unique pieces that they won't see others wearing. One of the best ways to build a wardrobe of beautiful, unique clothing is by shopping at vintage clothing stores. A vintage clothing store can be a treasure trove, and since the inventory continually changes, you never know what you will find on a shopping trip. However, it doesn't make sense to randomly purchase pieces of vintage clothing. It is always in your best interest to know what you are doing if you want to add vintage pieces to your closet. Use the following tips to help you shop at vintage clothing stores.

Set Aside Time to Shop

When it comes to shopping at a vintage clothing store, you can't go in with the mindset of planning to buy something specific. Unlike other types of clothing retailers, a vintage clothing store will not have racks with numerous pieces of the same clothing in different sizes. Thus, if you plan on shopping at a vintage clothing store, you should plan on taking your time and being patient. You will need to look through several racks of unique clothing -- sometimes you may find several items that you love, while other times you may not find anything that you like.

Try Everything On

Clothing sizes can vary from one brand to another, and sizing has changed over the decades. Thus, even if you know what size you regularly wear in pants, tops, or jackets, it is still important to try everything on to ensure that it fits. Don't automatically set aside a piece of clothing that you may love because it is not your regular size -- you may end up finding out that you can fit in different sizes of vintage clothes.

Carefully Examine Each Piece Before Purchasing

If you are interested in buying vintage clothing, it is important to remember that most pieces are used. Quality vintage clothing stores usually do their best to look at items before they set them out on the floor, but some problems may not be caught. If you find something that you love, take the time to carefully examine it to see if there are any stains, holes, or issues with buttons or zippers. Spending just a few minutes inspecting a piece of clothing before buying it will help ensure that you don't get home and find a problem. 


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making shopping with kids fun

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