making shopping with kids fun

making shopping with kids fun

5 Different Types Of Flattering One-Piece Swimwear

by Grace Wallace

If you want to look great when you get out in the water, and you want maximum coverage, a one-piece swimsuit is a way to go. There is lots of design diversity when it comes to one-piece swimwear though, so be sure to have some fun.

Type #1: Monokinis

A monokini has a cut out in the middle that almost gives the appearance that the tops and bottoms are two separate pieces, like a bikini. However, there will be a small amount of fabric that connects the tops and bottoms, hence the word monokini, because it looks like a one-piece bikini. There are lots of different styles of monokinis and they are nice if you and the appearance of a bikini, but the support of a connected suit so you don't have to worry about losing your top or bottoms when you are swimming.

Type #2: Terracotta

A Terracotta swimsuit is a basic one-piece swimsuit that is designed to fully cover your top and bottom. It usually has straps that are an inch or two thick. The bottoms are generally cut upward in a flattering shape, much like the cut for bikini bottoms. The back may be high or the suit may have a lower-cut back.

Type #3: Solid Core

If you want a swimsuit you can work out in, you are going to want to go with a solid core swimsuit. A solid core swimsuit is all about being able to cover up your body and keep your swimsuit in place. This is the type of swimsuit that a professional swimmer would wear for training. It generally has a high scoop neck to cover up the chest area, and the bottoms are wider and provide more coverage than a terracotta suit.

Type #4: Long-Sleeve

Another type of suit is a long-sleeve suit. The top looks like a rash guard. Generally, it is designed with long sleeves, with a circular neck like you would find on a t-shirt. The bottoms are usually designed more like bikini bottoms, with extra coverage around the hip area.

A long-sleeve one-piece is great if you are surfing outside or participating in the crew. A long-sleeve one piece is great if you are just out in the sun, and you want to limit your chances of getting a sunburn

Type #5: Long-Sleeve Front-Zip Shorts

A long-sleeve, front-zip shorts swimsuit is a little different than a long-sleeve suit. In the front, there will be a zipper that starts at the collar and runs down the center of the suit, stopping a few inches above the belly button area. The zipper in the front is designed to make it easier to get in and out of the suit.

The bottoms extend downward, creating a look more like you are wearing shorts than a pair of bikini bottoms. Oftentimes, this type of suit is made from thicker fabric that is designed to keep a swimmer warm when in colder water, as one may experience when engaging in a water sport.

These are just a few of the different types of one-piece swimsuits that you can wear. There are so many different types of one-piece swimsuits that you can wear; the key is to find a style that looks good on your body and that you can comfortably move around in.

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