making shopping with kids fun

making shopping with kids fun

Are You A Beginner Angler? 4 Reasons Why You'll Be Hooked On Wearing Women's Fishing Clothing

by Grace Wallace

Going fishing is a great way to relieve stress, develop your patience and even sneak in some healthy exercise as you hike to your favorite body of water. As a beginner angler, you might be tempted to wear your normal clothing until you feel like you've perfected your skills. Yet, there are some specific benefits that women's fishing clothing provides for helping you to improve your skills and get the most enjoyment from your new outdoor sport.

Open Up Your Range of Motion

Typical women's blouses that are designed for normal daily wear are often made from stiffer types of materials than fishing tops. Your regular shirts might also be slightly smaller along the shoulders and bust, which makes it harder to move your arms into the right positions for casting. Fishing shirts are made from flexible materials that give you the full range of motion you need for sending your lure out to where the fish are biting.

Add Another Layer of Sun Protection

Sunscreen is a must-have when you are spending a day outside. While you might slather your body in sunscreen, there is still a high likelihood of exposure to the sun's UV rays if you are spending hours waiting for the perfect catch. Fishing clothing is often specially designed to provide UV protection. Avoiding a sunburn helps you to spend back-to-back days out on the water.

Minimize the Risk of Stains

Whether you're a fly fisher or prefer casting a rod and reel, you can expect to occasionally end up wet. There's also a good chance that you'll encounter more than a few mud stains as you reel in your catch of the day. While your normal clothes might be washer-friendly, they may still absorb too much dirt to wash out. Fishing clothing for women is typically made from stain and water-resistant materials. Being able to stay clean and dry helps you to feel more comfortable on your future fishing trips.

Make Carrying Your Gear Easier

If you've ever exclaimed with glee to discover a dress with pockets, then already know how important it is to have storage options built into your clothing. While you might not mind hauling your tackle box around, it is still convenient to keep a few lures and a roll of line and scissors on your body. As you pick out your favorite new tops and bottoms, look for ones with pockets, loops, and other features that make them more fishing-friendly than your regular daily wear.

if you need women's fishing clothing, reach out to a supplier in your area. 


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making shopping with kids fun

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