making shopping with kids fun

making shopping with kids fun

Celebrate Your Inner Nerd With A Funny T-Shirt

by Grace Wallace

Although the term "nerd" is often used critically among adolescents, many adults celebrate this term. For many, a nerd may be someone who enjoys video games, comic books, science, or other similar pursuits. If you're a man who proudly identifies as a nerd, you may wish to buy a piece of clothing that shares this information. When you browse the apparel at an online T-shirt retailer that specializes in humor shirts, you'll typically see a few designs that celebrate being a nerd. Here are some design options that you may wish to buy.

Nerd Images

You'll see several different T-shirts that feature images that people commonly associate with being a nerd. For example, a T-shirt may have the image of a chest pocket with a pocket protector and several writing instruments. Other shirts have a printed collar and necktie that make it somewhat appear as though you're wearing a nerdy dress shirt. Thick-rimmed eyeglasses are another image that people often associate with being a nerd, so you shouldn't be surprised to see some shirts that feature a large rendering of this eyewear.

Math And Science Formulas

On other funny nerd T-shirts, you'll often see one or more math or science formulas. Typically, these formulas will be extremely complicated, which can add to their humorous appeal. Even if a formula is too complicated for you to solve, this can be a funny type of shirt to wear. Some of these garments will feature wording that makes it clear how you love working with formulas. For example, above a complicated formula, you might see a phrase such as, "My favorite language is:"

Simple Wording

Don't overlook the value of choosing a shirt that uses simple wording to identify you as a nerd. If you're proud to label yourself a nerd and eager for other people to learn this detail about you, you can't go wrong with a shirt that has a simple design. Some shirts will simply read, "Nerd" in large letters that are highly visible from a distance. If you want something that is more specific, consider a design that reads, "I'm a nerd." You may find that it's not only fun to wear such a garment, but that it also gives a liberated feeling. Other people who self-identify as nerds may enjoy seeing your shirt and get a laugh from it. Look for nerd-related shirt designs at a humorous online T-shirt supplier. A business like MIRYKLE Clothing Co. has more information.


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making shopping with kids fun

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