making shopping with kids fun

making shopping with kids fun

Shop for a Fast Food Brand Throwback Tee

by Grace Wallace

When you visit an online clothing shop that carries a wide selection of throwback apparel, you'll often see a number of T-shirts that feature recognizable brands from many years ago. Lots of these brands still exist, but many use different branding today. It's easy to feel a sense of nostalgia as you check out one of these garments. Lots of throwback tees pay tribute to fast food establishments. Whether you loved a particular restaurant as a child or perhaps even worked at one as a teen, you might think about buying a fast food brand throwback T-shirt. Here are some shirt designs that are common.


It's easy to find a throwback tee that features a vintage logo of a particular fast food brand. On some garments, the logo will appear large enough to fill at least the top half of the front of the shirt. Other designs can feature an image of one of the restaurant's signs, which typically includes the logo and the establishment's name. Many fast food restaurant signs from the past had an iconic shape and overall look that were immediately recognizable to motorists from a distance.


You probably don't have to think too hard to recall some of the slogans of fast food restaurants from when you were a teen or a young adult, as you likely heard them on TV or the radio countless times. Another option to consider if you're shopping for a throwback tee that pays tribute to a fast food brand is to look for a garment that features one of the brand's old slogans. It will typically be printed large on the front of the shirt to be easy for people to read from a distance, and may even use a vintage-looking font to further support the retro look.


Lots of fast food brands have used one or more mascots over the years. These mascots were prevalent in print and TV advertising, as well as in signage at each restaurant location. You'll sometimes find throwback tees that feature renderings of fast food mascots from the past. Some of these mascots are no longer used, while others have been updated to have more of a contemporary appearance. A shirt that has an image of the latter type of mascot, especially, can offer a fun, retro vibe. Shop for a throwback T-shirt that pays tribute to a fast food brand at an online clothing shop.

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