making shopping with kids fun

making shopping with kids fun

  • 3 Tips To Encourage Small Children To Wear Their Shoes

    If you are like many parents, you might have found yourself in situations in which your small children simply did not want to put on their shoes. Some toddlers will pitch a fit or will fight you when you try to put their shoes on, and other kids will simply take their shoes off every chance that they get. If you are having trouble encouraging your small kids to put their shoes on and keep them on, following these tips can help.

  • How To Wear White Tuxedo Pants Everywhere This Summer

    White tuxedo pants are a fun addition to any woman's summer wardrobe. They can be dressed up for the office, look elegant for after work cocktails, and can even pull double duty as a casual pant on the weekends. Add a white tuxedo jacket and a silk blouse, and they can take you to church or a formal event. A white tuxedo suit in a thick stretchy sateen finish cotton, with a slim leg and cropped ankle, will take you from Memorial to Labor Day in style.

  • Don't Make These Mistakes When You Decide To Wear A Wig

    You may be thinking about wearing a wig for a long list of reasons. Perhaps you've recently lost your hair due to cancer or another health issue, or maybe you just prefer keeping your hair closely cropped but like the idea of changing your appearance periodically with the help of a wig. Regardless of your reason for wearing a wig, you generally don't want to broadcast the fact that that hair on your head is indeed a wig.

  • Bring A Western Flair To Your Everyday Wardrobe

    Show your western flavor when you hit the town for a night out. Quality western apparel doesn't need to stay on the farm or ranch; try incorporating your pieces into your daily wardrobe.  Some tips to show off your western style include: Love some leather. Leather merchandise is an excellent way to show off your western-side. Try pairing your outfits with a great leather bag or backpack, or invest in a couple of leather wardrobe staples- like a vest or jacket- to accentuate whatever you wear.

  • Where To Wear Your Funny Accessories

    If you're like most people, then you probably don't wear novelty items, such as beer t-shirts or hats, to work every day. In fact, if you're like most people, doing so could get you in big trouble with your job. The average person buys these kinds of items for special events and then tosses them out or forgets about them. There's really no sense in wasting a funny drinking shirt or hat or other wearable accessory though.

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making shopping with kids fun

The minute that my doctor told me that I was going to have a little girl, I got so excited. I pictured myself out shopping with my daughter for clothes, shoes, purses and all of the accessories that we need to complete each and every outfit. My daughter has recently turned ten, and we have enjoyed shopping together from the start. Now that she is getting older, we get to have even more fun looking for the perfect outfits for school and some special occasions. If you have a son or daughter that loves to shop, this blog will give you tips for making your shopping adventures fun and productive.